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Our Story:
Established in 1990, JerngYuan has been designing, and producing embroidery lace for nearly two decades. Our core-team consist of seasoned pros who are not only experienced craftsman, but passionately care about the craft of embroidery. This desire for creative excellence, matched with our state of the art modern production facilities, enables us to play an important and vital role in our clients businesses.
Our Core Values are:
Integrity- We believe it's the building block of any successful business, to be viewed as a "partner" to our clients, someone they can rely on and trust in.
Innovation- Never to be satisfied with how things are done, but constantly ask "can it be done better? differently?" So that we can continue to grow with time and experience.
Improvement- That we must always grow us people and as a company, not
just to be content with where we are, today. But strive for
more to ensure a better tomorrow.
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呈遠實業股份有限公司 JerngYuan 電話 886-6-2725558 傳真 886-6-2718995 地址 臺灣台南縣永康市南灣里南興路9號 Telephone 886-6-2725558 Fax 886-6-2718995 Address 9 Nan Hsing Rd. Nan Wan Lee, Yung Kang City, Tainan County, Taiwan. 生產 繡花 刺繡 蕾絲 內衣副料 成衣副料 花邊 花朵 布疋 編織蕾絲 台灣製 Producing Lace Embroidery Accessory for lingerie Accessory for garment edging motif allover trimming torchon chemical lace Ladies Underwear Garment Material Motif Fabric Proudly Made in Taiwan